Superannuation is a complex and ever-changing area. For this reason many people do not have an understanding of key superannuation principles and do not take an interest in their superannuation.

Most working Australians have some form of Superannuation savings, which for many people is the largest asset they will have outside of owning their home. We help our clients to understand their Superannuation; from the generous tax incentives available to them by making contributions, as well as the increased earnings potential due to the lower tax rates applied. In addition we help our clients to make the correct investment decisions as they grow their retirement nest egg, providing a suitable level of income that meets their expectations in retirement.

A number of our clients seek greater control of their Superannuation and have established a Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF). Running your own fund can be complex and there are a number of strict rules enforced by the Australian Tax Office (ATO), however, there are a also a large number of benefits including Investment Control, Borrowing capabilities and Estate Planning. We can assist you to setup a SMSF as well as to help make your ongoing legal obligations as simple as possible.

We specialise in a number of areas within Superannuation:

  • Contributions and Salary Sacrificing.
  • Investment Strategies & Risk Management.
  • Self Managed Super Funds.
  • ASX Top 200 Australian Share portfolios.
  • Transition to Retirement Strategies.
  • Life Insurance via Superannuation
  • Death Benefit Nominations.

Important Superannuation Questions:

  • Is your superannuation investment strategy likely to meet your retirement needs?
  • Is your superannuation working for you and your personal goals and objectives?
  • How much control would you like of your retirement assets?
  • Are you maximising the tax-effective benefits of superannuation?
  • What level of insurance cover has your fund provided to you?

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